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Reynaldo Fernández Pavón has been invited to participate in interviews in Miami, Mexico, Spain, and other international venues.

Below are links to his most recent presentations.

California News / Meet the Celebrities / Radio Program from Madrid, Spain

“Meeting with celebrities”, a Radio program intended to rescue the collective memory.

“Those whom does not know how to honor the great are not worthy of descending from their kind. Honoring heroes, makes you one.”

This paraphrase from Apostle José Martí precedes the proposal that online radio host “Con Acento Cubano” presents on his new podcast “Cita con las celebridades” (Meeting with celebrities), a program presented by the Cuban novelist, poet, essayist, composer, teacher and music producer Reynaldo Fernández Pavón. On this show Reynaldo take us closer to the most relevant personalities in Cuban descent history; those who have enhanced our culture, the civil society they represent, and the good moral example they have collaborated to shape.

On December 16, 2020, the program aired for the first time.  Online radio station Radio con Acento Cubano in Madrid, Spain, presented “Cita con las celebridades” to the whole world.

During its first broadcasts, streamed Wednesdays and Saturdays, tribute was paid to celebrities Félix Valera, José María Heredia, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, Mariana Grajales, José Martí, Rosa Castellanos “La Bayamesa”, Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, and Rita Montaner.

The radio program is dedicated to mention the women and men who represent the essence of Cuban nationality; and those whom have contributed to the creation of our people, its noblest values, ​​and the common character and psychology that identifies us as a nation.

“Cita con las celebridades” is a live program transmitted at 9:00 AM Pacific, 12:00 PM Atlantic, and 18:00 Hrs. Madrid

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Interviews and Radio Musical Programs with Reynaldo Fernández Pavón

Mar Llerena Directora de Programas y Contenidos de Radio Tentación FM de Madrid, España, presenta al escritor y compositor Reynaldo Fernández Pavón – (Programas 1, 2 y 3) editado.

      Parte #1

      Parte #2

      Parte #3

El programa Platicando con los Autores en Radio Miami Mundial presenta al escritor y compositor Reynaldo Fernández Pavón.

      Platicando con Autores

El Programa radial Al Compás de un Bolero presenta al canta autor Reynaldo Fernández Pavón.

      Al Compas de un Bolero Mexico - Y Quienes Fueron

El Programa radial Noche no te Vayas presenta al canta autor Reynaldo Fernández Pavón.

      Programa de Aguascalientes Noche No Te Vayas

El programa Interludio Musical, presenta la música instrumental del compositor y escritor cubano Reynaldo Fernández Pavón.

      Interludio Musical

El programa radial  Color Latino grabado en Lisboa presenta canciones del canta autor Reynaldo Fernández Pavón.