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Reynaldo Fernández Pavón’s Book References published by Eniola Publishing

El Lirio del Prado
El Lirio del Prado
“El Lirio del Prado” (“The Lily of the Field”), a novel by Reynaldo Fernández Pavón, based on real events, follows the story of a Cuban family from the mid nineteenth century to the first half of the twentieth century, with its vicissitudes, tragedies and struggles for survival from the perspective of “the others”, the forgotten, those that rose from below and were not able to realize their dream of nation building, but they did create a singular culture. This novel is a story of victims and power – a story of domination: colonial domination, domination of masters over slaves, and male domination. These forms of domination are clearly manifest, but it is also true that outside of any concession to victimhood and paternalism, “The Lily of the Field” forces us to see – beyond the line of prejudice – the structure of domination itself, escaping and resisting it, and its potential modes of liberation.
<center><strong>El Repatriado</strong></center>
El Repatriado
The novel “El Repatriado” (“The Repatriated”), by Reynaldo Fernández Pavón, tells the life story of Lázaro who, as a child, returns to Cuba from New York in December 1958 right before the culmination of the Cuban Revolution. It is a fictionalized chronicle of the events that took place from 1959 until the Mariel exodus in 1980. This work is above all a literary work that proclaims the knowledge of history and culture, as the only ways that can lead to democracy and freedom. This book is above all a collective novel and therefore its social function is to constitute a work of service that has been created with the life and testimony of many human beings.
<center><strong>Los Versos de la Memoria</strong></center>
Los Versos de la Memoria
“Los Versos de la Memoria” (“The Verses of Memory”) Spanish- English edition, is a poetry collection. The purpose of this book is to stand as judgment and summary of the vicissitudes and destiny of a nation and a race. We are in the presence of a Poet in full maturity, a great Poet; one of the voices that will be mentioned in Cuban and Latin American Poetry for years to come. The Comprehension of Poetry, as the most extreme and full experience of the language, could lead us to the artifice, or to new and useful expressive resources. But ultimately, the great poetry always refers to substance: the experience of human destiny (and /or) its subsidiary destinations. It leads from the historical to the evocations of the experiences of a family, of the author’s (our) ancestors, until the moment his intimate world- love, journeys, and proverbs,- appears.
<center><strong>De la Literatura, las Artes y la Sociedad</strong></center>
De la Literatura, las Artes y la Sociedad
In a changing and contradictory world, Eniola Publishing presents the book “De la Literatura, las Artes y la Sociedad”(“About Literature, the Arts and Society”), a compilation of literary works, interviews, articles, essays, short stories, piano preludes, poems, and the play In the Park, by the composer, writer, and music producer Reynaldo Fernández Pavón. This publication also includes his essays about the situation of women in the globalization era.
<center><strong>Los últimos relatost</strong></center>
Los últimos relatos
In “Los últimos relatos ” (“The last stories”), Spanish- English edition, the poet, novelist, playwright, and composer Reynaldo Fernández Pavón gives us a literary work that is the culmination of a lengthy development both in his concept of poetry and in the human experience seen through a cosmic and historical dimension. There is no doubt that, with this book, the poet intends to bring poetry to its origins, where the poet and the prophet, the historian and the storyteller, the cosmological poem with the sacred text, where mythology and ontology come together. The entire poetic work is a conversation with another being where the poet emerges with complete knowledge of the other and, having reached it, allows him to close the experience of the history of man and the world. “The Last Stories” propels the poet into the beyond, where the gods of high poetry live.


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