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Reynaldo Fernández Pavón in NY City
Reynaldo Fernández Pavón in NY City

Reynaldo Fernández Pavón trained as a composer at renowned National School of Art (ENA) by the great composer Frederic Smith, who was working at Havana’s Musical Theater with Alfonso Arau during the 1960’s. His uncle, Ramon Cabrera, a successful and popular Cuban composer, undoubtedly helped him to assimilate the Cuban musical tradition, as well as the passion for the Art and Literature. Reynaldo worked with the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba; in collaboration with the famous international guitarist and composer Leo Brouwer, the must universal Cuban musician of all times.

As a talented composer and pianist, Reynaldo wrote music for documentaries of the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industry (ICAIC), The Department of Documentaries of The Ministry of Education of Cuba, and music for TV series and short films, at the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT).

Reynaldo Fernandez Pavon was for many years the Musical Producer of the Grammy Award group, Irakere.

His scores of classical compositions were played and recorded for the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba, The Havana Chamber Orchestra, the Camagüey Symphony Orchestra, and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia, among many other venues.

Reynaldo’s Music and Poetry were award-winning in late 1970’s and 1980’s.

In most recent years, Reynaldo Fernandez Pavon resumed to write literature, in Spanish and in English languages.

Reynaldo Fernandez Pavon is the composer of the score for Cuentos Negros; a theater play inspired in an original book written by Lydia Cabrera, Spanish Repertory Theater of New York City, 1997; ACE Award for the Best Musical Production.

The following are two “pieces of heaven” shared by Master Reynaldo Fernandez Pavon for those that still have sensibility.

Premiere of Philadelphia Overture by Reynaldo Fernandez Pavon
Symphonic Orchestra of Michoacan-Mexico, International Festival of Guitar, Director Miguel Angel Garcia

Adagio for Flute and Piano 2 by Reynaldo Fernandez Pavon