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Reynaldo Fernández Pavon
Reynaldo Fernández Pavón

Reynaldo Fernández Pavón has published various novels and poetry books that have been acclaimed by international audiences. His first novel “El Lirio del Prado” (“The Lily of the Prado“) 2011, is the story of love and loss between Rafaela, an Afro-Cuban woman born into slavery, and Emilio Alfonso, a soldier of the Spanish Army who travels to Cuba to fight against the mambises during the Independence War.

His second novel “El Repatriado” (The Repatriated) 2017, is a sequel to “El Lirio del Prado”, the story of Lázaro, a boy who returns to Cuba in 1958 after growing up in the USA, to witness the most radical change in the country’s history: the Cuban Revolution.

Los Versos de la memoria” (The Verses of  Memory) 2016, -Spanish-English edition- is a collection of poems, critically acclaimed by Professor Enrique Patterson: “it has been quite some time since we have had such high poetic voice in Cuban poetry, the likes of Gastón Baquero, Nicolás Guillén, and Eliseo Diego, not to mention a poet who writes his verses from the dimension of the historical experience of “hillside colored people” in the world, and in Cuba. The poet speaks to us with or through a subject that is simultaneously woman-island, destination-country, universe and temple”.

The book “De la Literatura, las Artes y la Sociedad”  (About Literature, the Arts and Society), 2019, is a compilation of literary works, articles, and essays, published to offer readers a broader image of the complete body of work of Reynaldo Fernández Pavón.

“Los últimos relatos” (The last stories) 2020 -Spanish-English edition-, a poetry book critically acclaimed by Dr. Ivette Fuentes de la Paz: “The impeccable taste with which the poet Reynaldo Fernández Pavón fiercely crosses the memory, inspires us.”

Reynaldo works as Editor for the book publishing label EniolaPublishing. His self-publications, as well as his editing work of various authors, are available for sale at and other venues.  It is fair to mention Reynaldo’s recent editing work of “Los Mandamientos de Ifa” by Orlando Vargas Castro (The Commandments of Ifa), 2020, a highly recommended book for those interested in religions of African origin. Reynaldo was also editor of “La Mística del Sonido” by Antonio Rodriguez Delgado (The Mystic of Sound), 2018, an intelligent and sensitive reflection of the secrets of music.

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